Hayley Stainton

Hayley Stainton is the founder of the concept of TEFL tourism. Her interest in this topic began when she completed her own ‘TEFL tourism’ experience. Being qualified in both tourism studies and teaching practice she was quickly able to identify the amalgamation of the two industries from a phenomenological perspective. It was clear that the links between TEFL and tourism existed, all you needed to do was look at the many TEFL organisations promoting commodified, packaged TEFL products with a clear rhetoric of tourism evidenced on their marketing materials or to examine the activities of  TEFL teachers who consume such products, but nonetheless nobody appeared to have encapsulated this notion of TEFL tourism from an academic standpoint. Given this identified shortfall, Hayley commenced her PhD research, where she proceeded to examine the motivations, experiences and characteristics of TEFL teachers in order to prove the hypothesis that many TEFL teachers are also tourists.

Since this time she has proceeded to work with the TEFL and tourism industries along with the academic community to further explore the concept of TEFL tourism and has published a range of related academic and non-academic literature. See TEFL tourism publications for more details.

You can read more about Hayley over on her blog at lifeasabutterfly.com


One thought on “Hayley Stainton

  1. As someone who experienced plane crash dreams for many many years – crashes that happened within a two week period, I certainly enjoyed finding your site. Happily, I have not had a crash dream in over a year. Mine started at the age of 8 years! I always shared my dreams but the feelings of guilt were extreme until I joined a support group. It helped tremendously to know others had the same dream experience.


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