Working as an EFL Activity Coordinator

This is a guest post from Holly who worked as an EFL Activity Coordinator in West London to tell us a little bit about what the job was like. ‘For two summers between university years, I worked as an Activity Coordinator at an EFL summer camp in South West London. The students were mostly Italian, […]


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Teaching in Cambodia

GUEST ENTRY- ALICE JACKMAN A year ago Cambodia was a just a country on a map that was somewhere near to Vietnam and Thailand; a place in South East Asia that held no interest or importance to me.  I couldn’t have told you the name of its capital city or identified a picture of Angkor […]

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Teaching abroad can be an incredible experience, allowing you not only to give back to your new community, but also allowing you to fully immerse yourself in local life and truly live like a local. Gaining another qualification and essential work experience will seem a breeze when you are enjoying spending a few months in […]

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TEFL Tourism in Austria

I haven’t published a great deal on TEFL tourism yet (I will, I will), but when I was contacted by the English Teacher Training College of Austria who expressed that they too love TEFL and travel I couldn’t resist featuring them on the blog! In essence, TEFL tourism is all about demonstrating the links between […]

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Should backpackers ‘give back’?

You know the feeling. You’ve been away for several months, constantly living out of a bag and wondering where you’re going to go next. The ‘backpacker’s fatigue’ is starting to rear its ugly head and all those beautiful views are starting to look a bit…meh. A great way to combat this feeling, to start appreciating […]

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