Working as an EFL Activity Coordinator

This is a guest post from Holly who worked as an EFL Activity Coordinator in West London to tell us a little bit about what the job was like.

‘For two summers between university years, I worked as an Activity Coordinator at an EFL summer camp in South West London. The students were mostly Italian, but we also had groups from France, Spain, Poland, Russia, and Japan!

TEFL Teachers came from their term time jobs in countries all over the world to teach for a few weeks in the summer. Most of them did it for extra money, to have accommodation whilst they came home to visit family for the summer but all of them did it because they love it!
Any time the students weren’t in classes, they were with us ACs – from breakfast to bedtime. It was exhausting but it was only 6 weeks and so worth it. Teenagers have a bad rep, the world around, but actually all the students I encountered were brilliant in their own ways. They had all chosen to be there, they were all excited to be away from parents, see London. We organised outings to London attractions (Abercrombie being the main one!) and I must say that nothing in life quite compares to getting 30 Italian teenagers through the London Underground system without losing one! We did activities on site from tennis to swimming to arts and crafts, even down to dedicated time to sunbathe and read magazines – everyone needs down time! We taught them routines to Steps songs in the discos in the evening and culminated each 2 week cycle in a murder mystery night which always went down a treat!
It paid better than any other job and was 100 times more rewarding. I learnt bits of Italian, French, discovered I hate Abercrombie, I’ll never enjoy tennis, hangovers with 20 teenagers are awful but I also made a network of people who live all over the world, who will happily welcome anyone into their homes, offering them food, laughter and culture!’


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